District Profile

Fairless Local School District

The Fairless Local School District is a rural district in southwest Stark County and one of 17 school districts in Stark County.  Approximately 1400 students are enrolled K-12 in three schools; Fairless Elementary(PK-Grade 5), Fairless Middle School(Grades 6-8) and Fairless High School(Grades 9-12).  A portion of the southeast section of the district extends into Tuscarawas County.  The district has four villages within the boundaries, Wilmot, Beach City, Brewster and Navarre. 

  • 65 Square Miles

  • 51% of teachers 10+ years experience

  • 96.7% Graduation Rate - 5 Year Average

  • 68.5% funds spent on classroom instruction

  • $10,718 Spent Per Pupil

  • $7,340 Per Pupil Spending on Classroom Instruction

  • 87 College Credit hours available to students at Fairless High School 


Who We Are


The Fairless Local School community will provide a well rounded, quality education allowing equal opportunity for each student to grow scholastically and socially into productive, responsible adults who are able to compete in a global, technological society.


The Fairless Local School community will offer to all students an environment in which their educational, social, and physical needs will be nurtured and enhanced to meet the ever-changing demands of a global society.


Fairless High School Alma Mater:

Hail to Fairless High School

Alma Mater Dear

Sing the joyful chorus

Sound it far and near

Rallying around her banner

We shall never fail! OH!

Fairless High School

Alma Mater

Hail! Hail! Hail!